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Welcome to Communauto!

When you join Communauto, you gain access to a fleet of hundreds of vehicles that can be rented at low cost for a few minutes, an hour, a day, or longer!

Practical, affordable, reliable

Access a vehicle for as little as 44¢/min, $3.45/hour, $27.80/day, or $165/week with our Value plan. Gas is even included! Save even more with the Value Plus or Value Extra plan! See Rates >

Open the app, find a car, drive

Located in the heart of your neighbourhood, our vehicles are available without delay, 24/7, in Halifax and Dartmouth. See How It Works >

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Communauto Extras

Welcome Offer

This exceptional offer lets you take advantage of 30 free minutes of driving on an unlimited number of FLEX trips during your first month. Your trips become billable starting on the 31st minute (valid for first-time memberships only).

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Business Membership

Need a flexible, affordable way for your employees to get around? All the advantages of a company fleet, without the hassle.

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Help your city breathe!

At Communauto, you are more than a customer. Our members are agents of change. Carsharing means fewer cars on the road, and a more welcoming living environment. Everybody wins. Join the movement and evolve your city with us. Every action counts!

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Tips and Tricks

Planning your summer with Communauto

We know that summer is a time when Communauto Atlantic members love to get out of the city. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a road trip around the Maritimes, or a quick swim at the lake, there are

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