Parking Guide for FLEX and Round-Trip cars

All of our cars have the same parking permit, but when you get to take advantage of these perks can vary on FLEX and round-trip cars.

How can I take advantage of these perks with a FLEX car?

With FLEX cars you can take advantage of the perks during your reservation, and can also end your trip at one of these locations.

Members should release a FLEX car at a public location where it can safely stay for 24 hours.

Do not park FLEX in a Communauto Atlantic station, these are reserved for round-trip vehicles. Stations are marked in solid green on the map.

How can I take advantage of these perks with a round-trip car?

With round-trip vehicles you can take advantage of the on-street and partner lot perks during your reservation. The car must return to the same station you picked it up from by the end of your reserved time.

The exception is on-street station zones, where the round-trip cars are parked on-street within a defined area. For more info see our FAQ. What is a station zone and how does it work? – Centre d’aide – Communauto

There are plenty of great parking options:


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Partner lots

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FLEX drop -off points

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All of our vehicles have parking permits so they can be parked on-street where signage allows it. Our parking permits work in all Halifax parking permit zones.

When releasing a FLEX car you must make sure to be back inside our FLEX zone to end your trip.

Check the map on the app or website to see the boundaries of the FLEX zone.

Good Signs

All Communauto Atlantic cars are permitted to park at these signs. They’re perfect places for releasing a FLEX car.

The specific times on the signs may vary, but in general you can park at 1-hour, 2-hour, pay zone, permit only spaces and spots with 1 hour no parking restrictions.

Be careful to watch for other signs that could change the parking rules. Remember, FLEX cars must be able to stay where you leave them for 24 hours minimum.

You might also see signs on-street for “Carshare Parking Only”. These spots are being phased out as carshare vehicles can now park in pay zones. However, if you see this sign you are permitted to park there.

Caution Signs

Avoid spots where street cleaning will be happening that night. Usually the other side of the street is OK! And remember – street cleaning starts after midnight, so check the time carefully.

Avoid timed no parking, no stopping, and tow-away signs. FLEX cars must be able to stay where you release them for a minimum of 24 hours.

Partner Lots

Alderney Landing

Communauto Atlantic cars can park for free at this Dartmouth waterfront lot. No payment needed! This lot is indicated as part of the FLEX zone on our map.

Scotia Square (for stopovers only)

Members can use Scotia Square Mall parking free of charge for stopovers during their trip. You must have an active trip while parking here.

Do not take the station spaces.

Use the provided Crombie parking pass on the “Monthly Parking” scanner when entering and exiting the lot.

FLEX drop-off points

Parking icons on our map indicate the locations and update in real-time to show availability. Click on the icon for more details on where to park for that specific drop-off point. We have two types of FLEX drop-off points:

In these, there are no designated spaces. You can park on-street following the other parking rules in this guide.

These drop-off points are designated parking spots reserved exclusively for releasing FLEX cars. They’re conveniently located in areas where on-street parking is limited. These are indicated with signs for FLEX Parking. Stopovers are not allowed in these spaces.

These parking rules are subject to change and it is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they are informed of current Communauto Atlantic parking rules. Please follow regular parking rules and by-laws. Members are responsible for all costs and processing fees associated with failing to follow the parking rules.