Communauto makes significant increase to its fleet after record usage in 2021

Communauto makes significant increase to its fleet

Halifax, March 24, 2022. Communauto, the largest carsharing service in Canada and the oldest in North America, is planning substantial growth in its vehicle fleet after an exceptional 30% increase in the number of members and overall usage of the service in 2021. 

To meet this demand in 2022, Communauto is planning its largest fleet expansion in Halifax to date, with the addition of 40 new vehicles to the Communauto Atlantic fleet. The expansion also includes new stations throughout Halifax and Dartmouth and additions to the FLEX service area. 

In total, Communauto has ordered 1,300 new vehicles from manufacturers to add to the service before summer, despite car industry supply issues which could last until 2023. The cars will be added to Communauto locations in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and France. 

“Communauto is responding to the significant growth in demand we saw in 2021 by planning a major increase to our service. This growing demand demonstrates the importance of carsharing as an urban mobility solution that is more sustainable and efficient than the personal car. It also opens the door to major challenges: first, the difficulty of the automotive industry to guarantee the number of cars ready to deliver and second, the significant delays between orders and deliveries. We experienced this in 2021 and we fear that it could also affect the supply this year, despite our efforts. One thing is certain, Communauto has the capacity and the commitment to guarantee the availability of our service and to meet the growing needs of citizens who wish to adopt carsharing, in combination with other public transit and active mobility options,” states Benoit Robert, president and founder of Communauto. 

The largest increase in the fleet will be in Montreal, where 800 vehicles will be added (200 in stations and 600 for the FLEX service). In total, more than 3,000 vehicles will be available to Montrealers by the end of the summer. 

The recent spike in gasoline prices is likely to further boost demand for carsharing. “The best way to cope with the rising cost of gas is more cycling, walking and public transit – and supplementing with carsharing,” adds Benoit Robert. 

With the new additions, the Communauto Atlantic fleet will offer more than 150 vehicles to more than 3,500 members in the Halifax area. 

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