What is a “station zone”?


A station zone is a round-trip car station, but one where the cars are available on-street within a zone of a few city blocks. Our station zones allow us to offer round-trip cars on-street in areas of high demand, without needing to find off-street parking options.

Unlike at a regular station located in a designated parking space, cars at these stations are parked on the street and can be located anywhere within the zone. They do not have specific parking spots. Simply use the Communauto app to find a reserved vehicle in a station zone.

Station zones are small, so you can quickly walk to the vehicle, as it could be anywhere inside the designated area.

Just look for the unique station zone icon in the app and click on it to reveal the zone’s area. The name will also clearly state it is a station zone.
Station zones are only available in the warmer months, as we can’t offer round-trip cars on-street during winter parking ban season.

Making your reservation

When you first book a station zone vehicle, its exact position isn’t visible. But don’t worry — you’ll be able to see the boundaries of the zone, which is short enough to cross quickly on foot.

Starting your trip

Up to 10 minutes before your trip starts (if the car is already available) you can find its location inside the zone by looking for the green car icon.

Ending your trip

At the end of your trip, return to the station zone and find an on-street parking space where the car can safely stay for at least 24 hours. All of our cars have the same parking permits (for details see the parking guide) so ending a station zone trip is very similar to releasing a FLEX car.

Help: I can’t remember where the boundaries of the station zone are!

During your trip, you can click on the station icon in the Communauto app and it will show you the boundaries of the station zone. Swipe up to see a written summary of zone information.

Where can I release the car at the end of my trip?

Just like FLEX vehicles, station zone vehicles give you the right to park in spaces where 1-hour, 2-hour, pay zone, and “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” signs are displayed, provided there are no additional parking restrictions in place.

Avoid timed no parking, no stopping, and tow away signs. And make sure you park on-street – avoid private property or Communauto station spots.

Check out our parking guide for a full explanation of where you can park at the end of your trip.

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