Planning your summer with Communauto


We know that summer is a time when Communauto Atlantic members love to get out of the city. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a road trip around the Maritimes, or a quick swim at the lake, there are so many adventures available to Communauto members!

Since summer is such a popular time to use the service, it’s important to plan ahead when possible – and to know a few tips and tricks when it’s not.

We’ve added more than 70 cars to the Communauto Atlantic fleet in the last year. While we’re looking forward to adding even more cars to the fleet this year, the ongoing delays and shortages in the car industry mean we still aren’t able to add cars as quickly as we would like.

To make sure you can find a car when you need one, check out these 6 strategies for summer success.

1. Book ahead, as early as you can

Did you know you can reserve round-trip cars up to 31 days ahead of your trip? If you have some specific dates in mind, make sure to check well in advance for an available car. Our flexible cancellation policy is helpful if plans change!

For the biggest selection, try zooming out in the app and clicking “Search this area” to make sure you’re looking at all cars in Halifax and Dartmouth.

2. Don’t forget to check back later

That flexible cancellation policy means that cars regularly become available as other members cancel or modify their reservations. Plus, we’ll still be adding more cars to the fleet. If you don’t find what you need on your first search, make sure to try again later!

3. Take a FLEX car, even for a long trip

FLEX cars are an incredible option when there are no round-trip cars available. And thanks to our recent rates update, Value Plan members can now use FLEX cars at the same Long Distance rates as round-trip vehicles. That means if you’re on one of the Value Plans, your trip will often cost the same whether you reserve a round-trip car in advance or grab a FLEX last minute.

4. Pick up that FLEX car nice and early

While FLEX cars are great for spontaneous trips, don’t rule out picking up your car the night or even the day before your departure. For longer trips, this can have a small impact on the overall cost and it can give you the peace of mind of already having the car handy when you’re ready to hit the road.

For example, let’s say you are planning to use a car from 7 a.m. on Saturday until 5 p.m. on Sunday. Because our day rates cover a full 24 hours, you could pick up the car any time after 5 p.m. on Friday at no extra cost. Use the Trip Calculator to compare your options.

5. Use the Reservation Grid to find a hidden gem

Looking to make a short, last-minute trip on the weekend and all FLEX cars are already in use? While you can always check the map in case an available car pops up, don’t forget to try the Reservation Grid to find a round-trip car available just when you need it. You can look at the next 72 hours to find an available time between other reservations. Learn more here.

6. Remember that carsharing is just one of your transportation options

At Communauto, we believe carsharing is a service that goes hand in hand with all the other transportation options available in your community. Carsharing complements public transit, walking, cycling, carpooling, taxis, and even traditional car rental. Sometimes these options can even work together to make a single trip a successful one. So don’t be shy to hop on a ferry and pick up a FLEX car in Dartmouth if it means getting on the road and making summer memories.

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