Get a Discounted Annual Halifax Transit Pass  


Want to save money on Transit?

Halifax Transit and Communauto Atlantic offer an exclusive package so you can flex your transportation options.

Add a Transit XPass to your Communauto Atlantic membership and save over $120/year!

The pass is only offered twice per year with January and July start dates.

What is a Halifax Transit XPass?

The XPass is a discounted annual transit pass that allows travel on all Halifax Transit services, including regular bus, ferry, Express, MetroX and Access-A-Bus services for those who have separately registered with HRM for such services. 
The pass can be added to your Communauto Atlantic membership and conveniently charged on your monthly invoice.  

When is the XPass offered?

Twice per year, Halifax Transit opens enrollment for the XPass program.

The annual transit pass start dates are January 1 and July 1, with an enrollment period before each start date. If you already receive Communauto Atlantic marketing emails you will be notified when enrollment opens. Make sure to submit your enrollment form and photo in before the deadline.

If you are reading this at a time of year when enrollment isn’t open, you will have to wait for the next one. Unfortunately, we can’t take applications any other time.

We will email members and post on social media when these limited application windows are open.

How can I get a Halifax Transit XPass?

If enrollment is open, you can register for a transit pass by joining Communauto Atlantic’s Dynamic Duo membership. It’s the best of both worlds: access to transit and carsharing. You get a Communauto membership for $8/month and a Halifax Transit annual pass at a 12.5% discount.

If you are an existing member you can also add the XPass to any Value plan. If you want to switch to the Dynamic Duo or any Value plan in order to add an XPass, we can also help with that. Plus you’ll get access to more perks and lower rates!

How much is the Halifax Transit XPass?

It is $72.19/month, a 12.5% savings versus buying a monthly pass, and gets you access to all transit services, including regular bus, ferry, Express, MetroX, and Access-A-Bus services for those who have separately registered with HRM for such services.

The transit XPass is charged monthly on your Communauto Atlantic bill.

Plus, the XPass is good for a full year, making it super convenient. No need to remember to go buy a monthly pass.

How can I get a transit pass?

If enrollment is currently open (generally about 6-8 weeks before the start date) you can complete the steps in the email you received or contact us to enroll. You will need to:

  1. Complete a short form
  2. Submit an image of yourself for the card
  3. Choose an eligible plan (Dynamic Duo or any Value plan) if not already on one
  4. Make sure your mailing address is up to date.

If the pass is not yet available, please contact us about 2 months before the start date to get on the list, or keep an eye our for our email and social media posts when enrollment opens.

We love to see people taking advantage of this great offer to get access to two transportation services while also saving money.

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