Driver Abstract

In conjunction with my application and potential membership in Communauto, I don’t have my driver’s abstract, and I want Communauto to validate my driver record on my behalf through its third-party insurance broker. A fee will apply to cover the administrative costs required to validate my driving history.

I consent to the third-party insurance broker collecting and disclosing my personal and confidential information, which may include details about driving convictions, demerit points, and license suspensions to Communauto, for the purpose of validating my driving record and eligibility for the program.

I understand Communauto and the third-party insurance broker will use these records for insurance purposes including loss prevention and risk mitigation.

The third-party insurance broker and Communauto will handle my personal and confidential information in accordance with their privacy policies, which are available on request.

All information provided to Communauto, including my drivers licensing number, name and date of birth is true and correct.

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